Tuesday, August 28, 2007

This and That.

Leftovers Baby socks
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I no sooner said to the Tall Guy last night "This weekend should be pretty calm, that's good" that the phone rang.
My friend Em is flying in from San Diego for the weekend! I'm really excited about it, but whoooo. Seriously its been a summer.
Another pair of socks were churned out this weekend, (baby ones of course). They are so quick and cute! I used Tiny Toes (one of the mystery balls).

And.. on a total random note to other knitters... why are knitting/yarn stores only open past 6pm one night a week? Last night I tried to get a new set of Addis to start a project and was thwarted. I don't get it... wouldn't you think you would have more business at 630 at night then 2pm? Maybe that's just me.

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  1. yarn stores' hours always drove me crazy in DC! Even as a student, getting to a yarn shop mid-day was a bit of a hassle, and inevitably, I couldn't make it on the one "open late" night.

    The little socks are SO cute!! Good solution to the mis-matched balls :-)

    I know how you feel about this being quite a summer. I feel like I haven't stopped running around like crazy for more than 8 minutes in a row since May...