Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yeah for another "Friday"

Okay, I know its Thursday. But, its my Friday! Yay!
And, a four day weekend to boot.
And I'm getting to see one of my best friends for the second time in a month AND I just got to see the other one twice in one summer. Seriously folks, it has been the summer of visting and visitors. I wonder if we all just realized how much we missed each other and decided that it was okay to start spending the cash to get back and forth across the country.

All this traveling to see people though, has made me realize one thing. For ages I've said I want to go back to Boston or at least New England. While I still think this is true in part, what I really want is for all my friends and family to take a vote and find a mutally agreeable place where we can all live in a utopian community. Where there's water, nice affordable housing, jobs, its not too cold or too hot and there's a good place to get a cup of coffee and hang out and knit. and a park for my yet-to-be procured dog to run. Is that really too much to ask?


  1. Speaking of New England, I'll be in Boston for a week for work mid-Sept. Know of any good LYSs up that-a-way?

  2. Chattanooga, TN = Utopia

    (Jesse and I have the same idea of convincing all of our friends to move to the same place)