Tuesday, September 4, 2007

zip zip zip

Yawn. I shouldn't be tired, I slept in EVERY day this weekend, yet I'm sitting here at not even 10pm barely able to keep my eyes open. I love my friends dearly and am always quite social, but I'm looking forward to this weekend where I have some plans, but my apartment will be quiet with even the Tall Guy on the West Coast for a few days (his sister is there).
It was a good weekend filled with pool time, progress on a few of the WIPs (the sweater is increasing nicely, a dish towel is growing and I'm about to the turn the heel on the Broadripple socks). Of course, no photos of any of this for you and I'm sorry. It was also a weekend of friends getting engaged (yay! friends!) and that was exciting and I'm giving the thumbs up to all involved. The Tall Guy was concerned that this may be catchy, but not to worry, I love the idea of a white picket fence one day, but 28 still seems awfully young for me to be taking that plunge. As my Dad always said when we were looking forward to things...all in good time.
I've been currently debating whether my new ipod jacket (not handknit) is cute or lame. Its a heart, yes. I know. And has pink in it. BUT, its Keith Haring and I love his art. What do you think? Punk rock in a cute way or Lame in a girly way? I'll make my own decision, but I'm always open to the peanut gallery.
Before I head off to bed, I also thought I'd share one of those "why I like DC" sort of anecdotes. I was just waiting for the train at Dupont to come home from Yoga today and was knitting away on the Broadripple sock. I realized after a minute or two that the woman next to me had given up all pretenses of looking at her paper and was staring. (This is pretty normal). After another minute she very timidly puts out her hand. I realize then that the paper she had in her hand is not in English and is likely Spanish. No questions asked, I just handed her the sock in progress. For the next minute or so (it seemed like ages!) she examined the stitch pattern and yarn to the point that I pulled out the other sock that is finished. She was glowing with excitement as she looked at the heel and fingered the yarn. After she looked over the sock, she just smiled, handed it all back to me and shyly motioned to herself. A fellow knitter. It was pretty cool how we managed to interact for a few moments with no words exchanged.
And now. Off to bed.


  1. Pink phone and now pink iPod cover...you're killing me smalls.

  2. hmmm, I can see PJ's point, but the fact that the heart is orange and not pink is def a selling point.
    ~ Mkick

  3. Couldn't orange and pink be called shades of the same color?