Monday, September 10, 2007

watch your pointy sticks with this one!

okay... maybe that's a little overly dramatic and most knit-bloggers usually try to photo people on the subways in various locales actually knitting, but, I'm not most.
Just a quick rant with a photo. I got on the metro tonight, sat down next to the below man, and took out my current train knitting, which is a sock on dpns. I wasn't flailing about, pointing my needles where they shouldn't be or anything weird. Next thing I know, said man (with the hat) huffs in my direction (and I do mean HUFF like "HarrumphhhhH!") and stands up. I assume he's getting off. Instead he slides out, does a back and forth to the end of the car and ends up sitting down back across from me.
Apparently, he doesn't like sock knitting.
I don't even think I smelled bad!

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  1. I think I may be stating the obvious here when I tell you that you always smell bad. -mk (mischievous one)