Thursday, September 13, 2007

We all need a little mindless knitting

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This washcloth is getting longer and longer as it was requested to be a dish towel for Yve, who just moved into a new house.
I'm calling it Pink Lemonade, because the colours are just so glaring. I figure, where else can you have neon pink, green and yellow, if not the kitchen.
I'm feeling a bit ADD in my knitting lately. I can't seem to finish any one thing, as I knit on it for a day, put it down and pick something else up. I am NOT, however letting myself start anything new. Hopefully this weekend, I'll finish something. If not, next weekend when the Tall Guy and I take a road trip to Columbus, I'll have plenty of in-car knitting time to work away. Yay for car trips (i.e. Knitting trips when your sig. other likes driving over sitting still and behaving in the passenger seat!)

Edit: I almost forgot. Another word of advice from your HR Girl. If I say it once, I say it 100 times. Don't write a resume in the third person. PLEASE. DON'T DO IT. It annoys the living S#%t out of me to have to read these sorts of resumes. Thanks in advance.

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