Thursday, September 6, 2007

Big Mac Dreams

Its been a hella crazy week at work. I've threatened to start putting whiskey in my coffee and I think my boss took pause for a moment to wonder if I was serious.
For about 24 hours I was craving in that way you can't think about anything else craving a Big Mac. So, I went to Mc Donalds today with Peej and my sandwich was ingested in the blink of an eye (which for me, miss pokey eater is amazing). Damn, it tasted good, but seriously, my stomach was revolting less then an hour later. I ended up eating Tums for the rest of the afternoon. What do you actually think is in their food? I always wonder when I do the naughty thing of eating there (okay. okay. I don't know what's wrong with me but, I may have also grabbed breakfast from McD's this morning too) twice in one day and then have my entire body feel terrible. I don't know how that Morgan Spurlock made it more then two days in SuperSize Me.
That said, I'm mid project on all my knitting. My goal for this upcoming weekend is to finish some stuff to show off and then start casting on other things that my brain is obsessing about when I should be focusing on work. Work, though, is not fun to obsess about when it involves having to fix other people's mistakes.
Happy Thursday!


  1. Your body needs to be accustomed to eating McDonalds or else you'll get sick...kind of like drinking the water in Mexico. ;)

    PS - when you do start putting whisky in your coffee...share.
    Happy Friday - have a good weekend

  2. ha...i finally got to reading this elizabeth need a seasoned stomach to pull a fast food double play. luckily the tall guy has that covered.