Friday, September 7, 2007

something to show!

its a new bag!
When Miss Em was here last weekend, we wandered into a design store in Silver Spring. The Tall Guy and I had peeked in once, but without having a person with an Art Degree with us, we didn't really see the coolness that is Marimekko.
Well, Emily just about had an aneurysm and we were in the store for about an hour. I picked up and put down this bag about 10 times, thinking it would make a great medium-larger project bag, but was having trouble justifying the price tag (more then your average grocery store or zip loc bag I normally use) so, after I put it down for one last time, Emily put her hand on her hip and demanded (as only Emily can) that I bring it to the counter and it was my Maid of Honor gift. Her rationale and one I appreciate was "Why buy you something I don't know if you'll like?" Yay.
So, isn't it cute? And, its red not pink for those who may comment!
Also cool about the bag, its oilcloth, so needles don't poke through and its water resistant.
And the knitting updates, as promised... I'll update progress by the end of the weekend, I hope to have some more done soon!
The sweater. Increases continue and soon to be done. And the Broadripple sock..
Second one. The heel is turned and the gusset is started.


  1. I have the same bag! or a smaller version of it. I totally love it for all sorts of goodies. I've been meaning to head over to the Marimekko in Silver Springs...their designs are so cool.

  2. That bag is so cute! Also, the sweater is looking great!