Wednesday, September 19, 2007

destashing. yahoo!

Okay, so the more I knit, the more "choosy" I become with that I hold onto and play with for hours at a time. I've had in my closet (the Tetris closet, yes) for over 2 years a whole lot of yarn I will NEVER KNIT with AGAIN. Its not bad, its perfectly good yarn, and I feel bad trash talking it, but really. Lion Homespun after knitting with Karabella Aurora 8? Sure, Aurora 8 is three times the price, but if I'm going to wear something, I want it to feel good.
Here's a fraction of what I sent off to a good home today. I know the lighting sucks. I took these pics at 10pm the other night. Just trust me. It has left! (Actually two full shopping bags are gone!) Craigslist rules and I was able to have someone not only want this yarn, but someone who works about two blocks from me. So, I now have a free shelf in my closet and have twenty bones in my pocket and this knitter has a whole lot more yarn to play with then he/she did yesterday. Its win win all around. Now. I have three or four bags of fiber fill. Anyone want it? (Thats the stuff you fill pillows with, I only need one bag of it for a project that's coming up!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about the yarn. I used to love knitting Lion brand Homespun. Now that I spin, and now that I knit more, though, I have a favorite yarn shop. If I'm going to take the time to knit something, I want to like it, and I want it to feel nice. Sooo, I really haven't been buying Lion anything lately.

    And, I could totally use the bag of fill. I started knitting the Jess Hutchison bunny a couple days ago. Somehow I overlooked the fact that when you knit a stuffed toy you have to...well...stuff it. I don't know if I thought I could just knit it up and fill it at the end, or what. So I have this guy in pieces next to my computer, and today I have to go buy something to fill him with. I'm pretty sure I live too far from you to be useful (but I thought it was kind of funny that you specifically mentioned the fill when I've been remembering fill for the past, oh, day and a half.)

    (Also, you don't actually know me; I found you when I searched Google for people who had blogged about Ravelry. I kept reading. Your blog is fantastic.)