Monday, September 24, 2007

Go Bucks!

Hello Hello!
Before I say anything, let's have a moment of silence and gratitude and a big sigh of relief. Yes, my Red Sox are in the playoffs!!!! Yay! I guess I don't talk too much about the Sox in general, as they are just a part of my life and its an assumption that I follow the scores, etc. But, I did wipe my brow in relief that they didn't totally botch the end of the season.
Okay, now... I have made it back from the Heartland in one piece. Columbus, as always was a fantastic time. Great people, a rough game of P.I.G. (I hadn't shot a basketball in 10+ years and you could tell), great food and lots and lots of fun. I have no idea at this point, why I was posing with a sombrero on my head, but it seemed like a great idea at the time.
There is a ton of knitting to talk about (um, 6+ hours in a car each way AND I didn't have to drive?!?!), but I don't have time to upload all the pics at this moment, so that will follow later. Hopefully, today.
When we drove into Columbus on Friday, the Tall Guy took me to The Knitters Mercantile. If you pay attention to the knitting world, you may know that they sponsored/pulled together Knitters Connection this past spring where Lime and Violet broadcasted live. Well, what a store. I picked up a hank of Jitterbug in "Popsicle" (whats up 1972), some rosewood dpns and met all the women that work there. The Tall Guy wandered the shop like a pro and was picking out the various yarn he knew. It was all pretty entertaining and added a "check mark" to the pros list for Columbus.

In another check mark, if you're ever in Columbus, you must get ice cream from Jeni's. I had the Salty Caramel and the Butterscotch with Cocoa nibs and the Tall Guy had the Honey Vanilla Bean. Let's just say I'm actually exploring the option of having this shipped to me. It was that good.

When we got home from Ohio last night and I checked my email, I discovered that the girl I had sold my yarn to last week had written me to say thanks (how sweet!!) and to invite me to a knitting group that's just getting started at Tryst on Tuesday nights. That place is home away from home, so how cool is that? So, I guess when you start telling everyone that you want to be friends that sometimes, friends start actually happening! Yay.
I'll try and post more pics this evening, I now have a few FO's to show off! Yippee!

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  1. I know I am a post-too late, but I wanted to tell you that I was on the T the other day and the driver, for no real reason, started chatting with me about the weather....well, he looked so much like your dad that if I didn't know your uncle I would swear this guy was your dad's brother. Did your dad trade buses for T's by any chance?