Monday, September 17, 2007

one is silver and the other is gold

When did making friends become such a chore?
I love I mean LOVE my friends. Every single one of the people who really know me in the world (you know who you are) are the most amazing people in the world. They accept me for who I am, I never have to edit around them (sorry, Em for dropping the F-Bomb in that voicemail the other day...this crazy lady nearly ran me over in a cross walk while turning right on red when she shouldn't have AND then had the nerve to beep at ME).
Anyway, I'm not going to get all gushy about the friends I have, the ones that all live too far away (um, hello, can you all STOP moving to the west coast, or upstate new york or going back to boston, going to ohio or moving to atlanta?) see me cry just about every time they leave and the ones I have here, I'm just sad about how hard it is to hang out. Most of us live in different parts of the city and it seems like a chore to have to make a plan everytime you just want to sit on the couch and chill with them! This weekend the Tall Guy and I spent quite a bit of time wondering if this is how life is? Do you find the person you're going to spend some time with (For some that's a Spouse etc etc) and then you spend the rest of your time making fixed plans with people that involves having to plan a party or meet them somewhere for drinks/dinner confirming a week in advance? I miss the days of just "hey, come over and hang out". That means I can knit, we can chat. We can drink and heck, a six pack of just about anything is cheaper then us meeting somewhere and me not being able to hear you because the music is too loud and annoying and you not being able to hear me because I have a pipsqueak of a voice.
So, I'm about done, but what I'm saying is I miss the olden days of us all being too poor to go out (which alot of still seem to be as we scrimp and save to do other others in life) and hanging out in a living room without a grand plan and just enjoying each others company was okay. Let's bring it back. Or, if you want to be my friend, the Tall Guy is probably happy to share me, he doesn't have the love of all things fibery that I do. On the flip side, if you're a girl and your man sails or likes to mountain bike, this could be a two for one special!

PS. Does anyone know how you get fruitflies if you don't have food around? My office seems to have a few flying around me and I have zero food in here right now. Its driving me nuts!


  1. Hey! My man sails. I knit. Let's hang out. :-)

  2. p - you can come hang out on my couch and knit anytime you like. Also, Mike knows how to get rid of fruit flies with this fabulous paper and glass trap. see mike for details. ~ Mkick

  3. If you got a new phone that actually let you know when you have messages you might be able to hang out more often...

    Oh, and Bobby's taking up sailing, though he's in Boston.

  4. and I miss family dinner in pajamas too.

  5. We miss you too, btw. I should call you sometime. I feel like I never talk to you except over chat.

    Also, fruit flies do not eat nothing. Perhaps someone somewhere in your office has something that they are eating/breeding in. I once had them infest a jar of that weird papaya-like cricket food (at least you should know what I'm talking about). Then I made a trap, like the one you see here: link

    Anyway, we are getting old and we do need to plan farther ahead. But, that doesn't mean you need to always do that.

    Keep your head up...


  6. assuming i am one of the friends you are talking about, i miss taking the 39 to your house and sitting on the couch with you and erica, and then you would drive me to mark's in rosie.
    ahhh, the nostalgia for the boston days gets me sometimes, too...

  7. oh Pia so true! Why does hanging out always have to involve money/drinking, etc? I am perfectly fine with a good game of taboo, and aren't we supposed to be playing Risk sometime soon? :)