Monday, July 30, 2007

ittybitty things and vacation

Itty Bitty
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Hello hello! I love New Hampshire. Its true.
In the midst of wedding dress shopping (not mine), a shower, family visiting ,errand running and trying to nap and relax, I have done some knitting!
These socks are amongst a lot of what will be coming off the needles as pregnancy is the new black this season.
While I'm in no rush for my own, there is something that just makes me smile when I block baby things. How can you not?

I finished Harry Potter in record time last week, and my dreams are still a bit funny. As more people are finishing, I'm having some great discussions over the ending. I only cried once the whole book, but that's all I'll say about Harry for now.
I'm here for a few more days (til Friday) so, I hope to get a bit more progress done on other things over the next few days. Some may end up with bits of sand in them as I lug things to the beach! Yay!

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