Saturday, July 21, 2007

consider yourself warned

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I got the newest Harry Potter last night. I may continue to knit, but I may not tell you about it for a little while, as I'll be reading.
Apparently, there's a whole lot of weird-os in the world. I use this term loosely, as I've never been considered particularly normal by most, but witnessing the amount of people who turned out last night to the 1201am release of the final Harry Potter book IN FULL costume was amazing. I think my quote/constant thought may have been "Shit, people are taking themselves seriously dressed up as _____ enter any characters name here"
I totally forgot to also say how in the summer of crazy, my HLP is coming in August to visit for 5 days from San Francisco. I cannot wait. During that time, a ton of our College Crew will be at Dewey Beach, DE and we'll head out there for a couple of nights. I can't handle a week and every year I think I may be able to the following year, but then I remember. Drinking every night (lots, not a little) eating crap, late night pizza and sitting on the beach every day is something I can only keep up with for about 2-3 days before my body goes into revolt. Here's a picture from last summer. Yes, I'm in the dead center, no I don't have the little bangs anymore...


  1. I got HP last night, too, and now will have two things to blame if I fail the bar exam... reading AND knitting!

  2. are you coming to NE? do I get to see you? I'm confused...