Monday, October 5, 2009

The February Bandwagon

7,008 (and I'm sure more as I hit "publish") knitters can't be wrong... After years of toying with yarn choices, I finally cast on for my own February Lady Sweater.
Here's a photo of the original from Pam's website Flint Knits.
(saved to my server)

While I don't wear the vintage clothing I did back in high school anymore, I love this sweater's nod to the 70's, especially in this color.

Here's my version in progress...
While I've played with the color some, I don't think my camera is doing this any justice, it's a bit more kelly in person. The yarn is Miss Bab's worsted weight in the verdigris colorway (I think).

So far, I can see why there are over 7000 of these babies on Ravelry alone. It's a great pattern, based off of Elizabeth Zimmermann's baby sweater that is holding my interest, but is also just right for couch/TV knitting. I'm so excited to get this done as Fall has arrived in D.C. with a bang!


  1. That sweater is adorable!

  2. I keep looking at that sweater too, though I think my commitment level will only let me do a baby version. Working on a blue baby blanket at the moment without knowing the gender of my future godbaby. If it turns out it's a girl, instead of a blanket, I keep thinking I'm going to have to make the February baby. Besides, the February Lady for me would take entirely too much yarn. ;)

    Yarn colors are sometimes hard to photograph. I feel your pain! I can spend hours photo editing just a handful of pics.

  3. I keep thinking about that sweater but am not sure it is for me. But the style would be perfect for you. You could wear to work even int he window when the government offices are either freezing or super heat. I like the color.