Monday, October 15, 2007

Skip to Tuesday?

I wonder every week if we could just skip Monday and head right into Tuesday. Wouldn't that be nice?
It was a great weekend filled with fiber (yarn not bran flakes), sailing and a new bar to check out.
Friday, as I said we would, The Tall Guy and I went to Baltimore for Stitches. It was lots and lots of fun and I bought yarn and oohed and ahhed at everything. I got to meet some Internet folks in person, which is also pretty cool. I'll post photos of my acquisitions soon. We also had dinner w/one of my cousins who I never get to see, which is was great. For some reason the majority of my Mom's side of the family has settled in the Atlanta area, thus resulting in about once yearly meet ups when one of us is in the other's town for business.
Saturday ended up being a homebody day for me. Everyone I had tentative plans with ended up flaking out for one reason or another and I just didn't have it in me to seek out the world for a playdate. I knit and listened to music and did laundry. Not overly exciting, but I was having a disappointed with the world sort of day, so my best company was indeed myself.
The weekend continued at full speed as I went up to Baltimore (again!) for a sailing race with the Tall Guy. It was pretty laid back, as the boat didn't have much in the way of experience on it (it was the Tall Guy, then me, then three people who had no clue) so, we cruised for the most part. It was a gorgeous day, so I couldn't have been happier.
Finallyyyy... last night, we went to a new bar that's opening in Columbia Heights. Its called The Red Derby and you should check it out, send your friends there and all that good stuff. My friend Andy put together the kitchen and we went to Friends and Family night to check it out. The music was great, the decor was fun, but understated and all the beer is served in cans. I don't know why its all in cans, but it was all reasonably priced, so I was okay with that. The fried Mac and Cheese triangles were amazing and the Tall Guy and I were wondering how many we could eat before dying of a stomach ache. They were that good. That said, the owners, Sasha and Dave were welcoming and amazingly nice. Its about 6 short blocks north of the Columbia Heights metro, but I think its worth the walk. Its a better decorated, more friendly Wonderland sort of place. And the bartenders were far more nice then the ones at Wonderland, but that's just me.

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