Friday, October 26, 2007

Damn, that's talent

I was the assistant and pumpkin seed toaster and Red Sox watcher. The tall guy was the talent in this years pumpkin carving. I, for one, am impressed.
Today I am knitting, getting my haircut, and hopefully laying low for the most part...


  1. that is talent!!
    did you guys use a stencil or is the tall guy just super artistic?

  2. 1) argue about the best pattern available on the interweb
    2) supersize the pattern to fit your mondo pumpkin
    3) copy over the pattern onto the pumpkin using a tack to poke holes along the lines on the pattern
    4) trace the dots from the tack
    5) try using kitchen knives to cut the pumpkin
    6) realize those things will cut your fingers off
    7) dig through the closet to find an alternative to kitchen knives.
    8) remove the blade from a copping saw...and presto...its easy

  3. i have a feeling that "anonymous" is the tall guy...