Tuesday, October 2, 2007

and people say I'm a little weird?

This morning I was on the train sitting next to a guy who was wiping his nose and sweaty brow with a baby bib. it was blue and yellow and there was no question that it was a bib. He looked fairly normal otherwise, so i spent most of the 14 min ride wondering:
  1. Did he grab a bib instead of his handkerchief?
  2. If he did, I wonder if there's a reason to wipe ones nose with a bib over a tissue?
  3. Did he realize as he was sitting next to me that it was indeed a bib?
  4. I wonder if he has a baby?
  5. And... I hope he puts it away before he gets to work.

For as many negative things that I'm apt to say about DC on any given day, I am certainly never lacking in entertainment.

Last night I had dinner with Peej, which isn't abnormal, but it was her last night in DC as she is currently driving to Ohio. Another one bites the dust and departs the area. I should be used to this by now, but it always sucks to be the one left behind in DC. At the same time, I have no grand plan to go anywhere else at the moment, so its not the end of the world.

And, in knitting news... I finished the Broadripple socks, and as soon as they are dry from blocking, I'll take a picture. They're a holiday gift, so one more of those down! I just turned the heel on the What's Up 1972 socks last night as well, so they'll be done before the end of the week. You'll get another "FO" post soon:) In the meantime, I'm casting on for more holiday gifts and trying to find a pattern for a hat using sock/dk/sport weight yarn. The tall guy wants a thin hat, about (what he said) the weight and texture of his socks. I'm sure I can work out a pattern on my own, but would be happy to look at what you may have.

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  1. something I would see here in SF. speaking of which, we would always love to have you here- I know your standpoint but it can't hurt to suggest ;)