Friday, October 19, 2007

I thought it was fall....

But it feels more like August right now. Sticky, Humid and I look awfully silly wearing a scarf around. Thing is, I want to wear a scarf! How is it supposed to be nearly Halloween when its going up to 80 all weekend? I'm knitting wool socks and sweating, thinking about turning on the ac! Ugggh.
That said. Let's all give a big cheer for my Boys. They managed to pull it off last night, sending the playoffs right back to Fenway. Baseball watching (with a bit of Gray's Anatomy thrown in) made for good knitting time last night. The Monkey sock is about halfway down the foot and I hope to finish this weekend and cast on the second one.
And, finally speaking of Gray's Anatomy... is anyone else hitting that "disappointment in the show" point I am? I love the medical stuff, I love the drama, but I really, really want to tell Meredith to stop whining and get a therapist. But, that's just me, talking about shows like the people actually exist.....

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