Saturday, October 20, 2007

summer weather be damned!

The Tall Guy and a few of our friends are going on an adventure tomorrow. I've been obsessing about going in a corn maze, going apple picking and carving pumpkins. Granted this week never seemed to go below 75 degrees, but well. That's what living in DC gives you. As this is my 6th Fall here I realize the only think you can expect is the weather to be unpredictable.
I'll report back and take pictures.
And... for those that have been waiting. Here's my new shoes. Now. I must say, I was wearing them this week w/out socks and now have a little blister. So, to hell with everyone that says they're the most comfortable shoes on the planet. I do think they're fun, however.
Now, I'm afraid that some of my knitting for the next few months will not be displayed on here as they will be gifts... I'll do what I can to keep up, though!!!

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  1. My friend Elena got ones that kinda look like Ballet slippers. I may consider getting those kind.