Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who cares?

Perhaps just by writing this, I'm perpetuating the issue, but I was just looking at today's free newspaper and can't help but wonder. Why do I care whether or not Brittaney Spears has her drivers licence? Why do I care if she has custody of her two kids? Sure, she was a Pop Singer with minimal talent and a short skirt a few years back, but today, what makes her more important then me? This isn't to say I think I'm hot stuff or anything, its just odd to me that this girl, gets coverage for simply "being" as does Paris, Lindsay and Nicole (no last names needed, right?).
Do Americans not have enough going on in their own lives that we all need to pay attention to people that could care less about us? I'm all for appreciating and perhaps fawning a bit over someone who's work you admire, but can you really tell me there's a lot to admire in the above girls except for maybe their good looks? (Which I question, myself).
I love going to see Ani (She's playing here in November!) and while I can't stand the guy, I understand why some of my bestest friends think Eddie Vedder is amazing. That's okay with me. Its just really hard for me to understand placing people who aren't really going anywhere on a pedestal! Is it because they are are excessive in their lifestyle choices? That they are constantly acting trashy? How many pictures are of these girls are out there sans underpants?? These people aren't even interesting! It just seems really weird to me.


  1. you said underpants!!!!!!

  2. Underpants and Eddie Vedder (not necessarily in that order)are certainly good things.
    Love, Erica

  3. Did you just knock Eddie Vedder? I don't know why, but this has got my eyebrows wrinkled.