Thursday, October 4, 2007

And one more thing

I just did the one thing I never thought I would do. Okay, fine there's a lot of "those" things out there. But. BUT. I just purchased a pair of Crocs! I can't believe I hit "purchase". In my defense, they were less then $30, the "Mary Jane" style, which is kind of cute, and I thought they would help show off my hand knit socks a bit.
(Image from Dick's Sporting Goods, saved to my server)
I can't believe I just bought these. A bit "old lady" perhaps, but its not like I'm going to wear them out to a fancy dinner with a cute dress. No, these will be commuting, going to the store, taking a plane ride sort of shoes. Famous last words? Dear lord, I hope not.


  1. I love my crocs, non-attractive as they are. Yours are super cute, though!

  2. Dude. CROCS!!! At least in Boston, Crocs are for tourists. Yeah, its a Mary Jane. But its polishing a turd.

    -M to the K (male version)-

  3. i was such a trend setter when i picked them up 4 years ago for $12 under the originaly manufacturer...waldies...
    Then I started dating you...after subsequent abuse from you and my roommates, i unceremoniously disposed of them. They were green, and i loved how they squeeked when i walked.

  4. I used to wear them to work but they didn't have enough ankle support for a 12 hour shift.They are great beach shoes and I even have some flowered ones! Nicole has different versions of them too.

  5. they are shoes originally created for gardening, and i am a firm believer that should be worn for nothing more than just that, GARDENING!!!

  6. I don't know about this Pia!