Wednesday, October 17, 2007

ByeBye to Zones

In another unrelated to knitting piece of news, DC's Mayor Fenty just made the call... DC Cabs will be going to meters! Thank Goodness. Maybe zones worked for some people, but living just over the DC line in Silver Spring (literally just over the line, for those that don't know where I live) would typically cause a cab ride to go from anywhere between $15 and $25 depending on the mood of the Cabbie. At least with a meter, I can assess the amount of cash in my pocket against the ticking of the meter. Now, let's hope this isn't tied up in court for the next 5 years...


  1. Yay for meters! Next I think you should hope they reduce once-you-get-in-cab-but-haven't-gone-
    anywhere-yet fare for MD. $4 is out of control. It's only $1.50 in Boston.
    ~ mkick

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  3. i honestly like the option of like 5 dollars per neighborhood. [that's what my friend's town car company does up here.] seriously, if it is "zoned" then you don't have to worry about traffic and a meter ticking away as you sit in the stop-and-go.
    you should have had the cabs drop you off at the line, so they didn't have to go into MD. ;p

    Also, where the F is the once-you-get-in-cab fee $4?! i am avoiding that city!