Monday, November 5, 2007

and.... I'm back!

Good lord. What a weekend. I'm back in one piece. and SO tired. The Tall Guy and I were discussing last night while on the final leg of our adventure from Dallas to DC that normally one looks forward to Daylight Savings. An extra hour of sleep! When I was a young chick some bars actually stayed open an extra hour as the clocks changed! Yesterday, however just threw my internal clock that much further off on its schedule. So, now, I'm at work staring into space.
Now. The couple got married. She looked amazing, he looked handsome in his dress blues (He's a Marine, fresh back from Iraq) and all the bridesmaids somehow ended up in the same style dress even though it was not required. We lost the music to get up the aisle and the bride was over 30 minutes late. Otherwise, well. I think it was weekend of total and complete chaos, but the job got done, there are rings on the hands, everyone got tipsy, I got to see Erica, got to meet one of the Tall Guy's good friends from home and overall, it was a success. I'll post a picture or two when I get them, as I once again, took picture.
Erica got her gift, so I'll post a picture of that shortly as well. It was my first venture into knit creatures and she appears to like it a lot.
In the knitting world, I didn't end up doing that much while gone. The heel on one new sock is turned (for me....) and I worked on a quickie scarf as well. I need to review my holiday knitting plan, but I still think I'm okay.
I'll be back with more when I'm more coherent!

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