Thursday, November 8, 2007

it gets a little better

Pizza and beer fix a lot of things... and that's what i had for dinner tonight. It was a long day in HR girl world... boring meetings across town in a room that was (there was a thermostat) 60 degrees. Having to do HR girl stuff that sucks and I can't talk about. And then having to give my boss a hug goodbye. Bummers. The end of the day picked up, however, as I received unexpected good work-news that I can't talk about yet, Alyssa asked me to go to the knitting store with her (oh, dear, pull my arm) and then I had a hilarious conversation with my dad on the phone.
Now, I sit on my couch, quietly.
I still don't know where my camera is. I checked the bags. I'm thinking its either in my desk at work OR at the Tall Guy's house.
I have to go back to that cold meeting room tomorrow, but at least now I'm prepared.
And, tomorrow, in case you aren't aware, is FRIDAY. And yes, my Uncle is making dinner on Saturday, which is pretty rad.
One day, I'll show you pictures, I promise.

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