Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pause for a little whining.

Okay. I really try to be the one that isn't always complaining. You never want to be "that person" because people don't want to be around you and well. Well, that just stinks now, doesn't it?

That said, I guess I don't have that much to complain about today, but I will do a little bit of bitching and moaning.

First. My direct supervisor is leaving my Agency as of tomorrow. This means, that as of tomorrow, my little branch of people within a greater organization will have lost 3 full time employees, leaving four of us to do 7 people's jobs. Two other groups I work with daily are also down staff, so its only compounding the situation. Only one, my supervisor is slated to be back filled, meaning that we're still down two people. This sucks for a variety of obvious reasons, but the worst in my mind is how much I feel like I'm apologizing to my customers. I only have so many hours to do so much and more and more of that is becoming the minimum by which we can continue to get by. I'm sure this will pass and we're certainly keeping things moving and people are getting paid, but it still gives me an upset stomach.

Second. I can't find my camera to post some photos of my newest projects and Erica's pirate. I know the camera is in one of three bags, I just haven't had the time to pull the bags apart, pull out the camera, upload etc. I'll get to it. Also, along this thread is that I haven't had the time to sit down and figure out what my new internet service should be. Anyone in the DC area reading, if you have a suggestion that isn't Suckcast (Comcast), I'm open. (On a side note, Suckcast did just send me a check for $30.00 for the days I had no internet though I had paid for it!)

Third. Hmm. I can't remember what was third. Oh! Yoga. Sigh. Life has been so chaotic that I had quit the working part and was just "work-trading" one night a week at the studio. Lately, though, its been that I'm only having time to work and not trade. I'm hoping this gets better and I was considering leaving the studio so I could get back on the mat, but the studio is short staffed at the moment, and I really feel bad about that. We'll see. I've been with them for so long, I feel bad just leaving all together.

Fourth. I need to book a plane ticket home. Every time I go to do it, the prices change again. I can't decide when I should suck it up and book. Also, if you're someone I may see while I'm home, can you give me a window of when you're home? I'm trying to make it the most bang for my buck, so-to-speak.

And finally. Well. I'm not sure what else I have to bitch about. I think I'm done. That said, this weekend is looking like three days of chillin', knittin', going to NoVa to see my family w/the Tall Guy for dinner and umm. A whole lot of house cleaning, not stressing and the like. Let's see if that will put me in better spirits.

EDIT: How could I forget? The reason why I was posting this to complain in the first place! Yesterday, while I was moving my RPM socks from one bag to another, I discovered one of the needles had snapped. I'm only using four out of five for this pattern, but will obviously need the 5th at some point. Anyway. They're size 1.5, I think ebony (maybe rosewood, but I think ebony) and I bought them in Ohio. I thought they were Latern Moon, but when I talked to the girl there (she was super super nice via email) she told me that they don't make 1.5's. So, I've emailed the store in Ohio to see if they can tell me what needles I bought (because I'm dumb and can't remember) in hopes that I can get a new one sent to me. Keep your fingers crossed, these little guys are not cheap!

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  1. Long weekends make everything better. Especially when your uncle is cooking :o)