Monday, November 19, 2007

Brush with celebrity?

There's a question mark at the end of the title for a reason. See. We've talked about this before, but I'll say it again. I am a big fat knitting dork. I learned ages ago, but its probably been the past three or four that my crush and I have been steady. That said, I'm also an internet geek. Combine the two, and like a lot of knitters out there, I know who the knitting celebrities are, I read thier blogs, I read their books and I forget they're like the rest of us who knit and blog and have lives.
So, I was reading the Harlot's blog the other day (really. folks. if you're not a knitter, she's funny as hell anyway, and you can call her The Yarn Harlot) and found an interesting point of note (our two yarns were the same colourway, but didn't look anything alike.) So, I posted a comment. The Harlot gets lots and lots of comments, so I thought nothing of it. Well. What do you know. Less then a hour later, I had an email sitting in my inbox from the Harlot herself giving me her thoughts on why our yarns were different. Okay, maybe this isn't a big deal. I realize that. Just think of your hobby. And then think of one of the coolest people you know who do that hobby (you um... Lance Armstrong or Jonny Mosly). Now, think about them just emailing you about something totally mundane! Crazy, huh?
Well, its not that big of deal, but I was having a sad Friday with Sid's passing, so it was cool to see Stephanie takes the time to respond sometimes.
That said, the yarn being discussed is called Rocktober and I got it while at Stitches earlier this fall. It can be viewed here. Basically, what I noticed was that mine is very rusty/red and Stephanie's was much more purple/plum. She said that it was most likely my monitor as her's is a red too. Totally uncool, I realize but, I thought it was neat all the same.

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