Monday, March 23, 2009

some knitting?

Funny enough, the lack of my writing about EDIT: knitting, (not blogging) is not equal to the amount of knitting I'm actually doing right now. I'm actually knitting all the time, one thing or another, as usual.
See, here's some proof!
Last weekend I went to the HomespunYarnParty (it was awesome, of course) and while helping out at the Yarn Party booth, I picked up that super cute project bag.
Later on, while somehow staying within my budget, I bought a bunch of yarn. Whoo boy. I'm almost embarrassed to show you how much. That sock up there, though is what I'm obsessed with this week. It's the first section of striping for the Knitterly Things Wee Sock Kit in Vesper Yarn. I have no idea what kit I have and the package isn't in this room. So, I'll have to get back to you on that... but, what I can tell you is:
You should get one. The base is scrumptious and you can play with several of her colors, striping however you want. I'm casually lazy, so I'm going to split each of the four skeins in half, knit the sock toe up (using a variety of plain vanilla patterns), knit each color until I run out and then switch to the next. In theory, the two socks will be pretty closely matched and knitting toe up means I can knit til I'm out of yarn.
It's clear spring is here in DC... there's a hint of warmth in the air and my allergies have pretty much blown up. I'm going to stick to the stockinette projects for a bit here until the head starts to feel a bit less spacey.

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  1. If my calculations are correct, Happy Birthday! If not Happy Tuesday.