Sunday, March 8, 2009


The Tall Guy and I went to see Ani DiFranco at the 930 Club last night... I love her so much.. I know she's not for everyone, but she holds a place close to my heart and it was great to see my 6' 4" husband rockin' out in a sea of women.
Because she has been writing and singing for so long, she mixes every set up, and it's not uncommon to not actually hear one of her "popular" songs at a show... last night, however was exciting because her second song was "As Is" which we used for part of our wedding. We probably would have used it for our first dance, but well.. not everyone would have quite got it (and maybe the word A#$hole in the first dance would have offended some folks, you never know)
The imbedded video is from when she played in DC last year, but you get the idea. The quality isn't fantastic, but that's all right.

The weather has turned amazing here in DC and we can only hope that it will continue. Keep your finger's crossed.

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