Friday, March 13, 2009

Red Velvet

So, I just remembered as I went to take a photo of this adorable baby sweater that I'm working on with this yarn that the Tall Guy took our camera w/him on his camping trip this weekend. I have no idea where my old camera is either. Sigh. So, instead, I'll bring up one of my other favorite topics.
See, I realized I was early for my haircut yesterday, so I wandered down the street in Chinatown, vaguely remembering a friend sending me a link (thanks Suzette!) about a new cupcake bakery opening in the last few months. I found Red Velvet catty corner to Jaleo.
It, like many of the cupcake shops in DC, is tiny. The selection was decent and I picked up one each of: Southern Belle, B-Day, Summertime and Vanilla Bean. The site is flash, so I can't seem to give you a direct link to the menu page.
The cupcakes were pretty tasty, seemed fresh and the lemon cake of the Summertime had just the right amount of zip. I can't say the to-go boxes were that good...though they had the little dividers in them for each cake and I was careful with the box, by the time I got home, the cupcakes were all over the place and therefore you don't get a pretty picture.
Overall, I would say they're fairly equal to Hello Cupcake, but still, not as good as Georgetown Cupcake. Red Velvet is, however a heck of lot more convenient, given the less-than-a-block walk from the Gallery Place metro.
As always, if you have a suggestion, send it my way!!!

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