Sunday, October 19, 2008

My love of fall continues

Yesterday the Tall Guy, Jessie and her Partner-in-Crime and I went on a fall adventure much like last year's trip. A bunch of farms in the Leesburg area have "open farms" one weekend a year. It was another gorgeous day.

We went apple picking (I have one in my mouth, excuse the weird face)

And we went to a winery, which I have no photos of, and we went to two more farms who's name are escaping me, but one had a rather daunting looking corn maze (which we didn't participate in, it looked like we'd be in there for hours!)
Today, I spent part of my day making a pie...the fruit of my labors (ha ha):

I'm currently working away on this scarf. I frogged the original piece, started over this week (yeah, I know it was sitting for a long time, but you can't blame me...). I have put a deadline on myself for this weekend, when I see my aunt. And then I'll be free from the novelty yarn curse.
Off to watch the red sox game! Go Sox!

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  1. just wondering if, you know, there'd be any pie left over this weekend...