Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deja Vu?

If you've been reading for awhile, this may look familiar to you. See I knit it about a year ago. But, this isn't the original scarf.

Sometime between the Tall Guy throwing a ring on my finger in front of a few people and our trip to NH the following month, the scarf went missing. I had no clue where it had gone. I searched high and low, checked cars, sent out an All Points Bulletin and we both moved out of our respective houses, leaving no stone unturned as we went. (below is the original)
Finally, this summer, I called it quits in the search and bought new yarn. Yup. The colors are nearly identical, though they may not look it in the photos. I used Tiny Toes instead of Fleece Artist for the green, but I'm 99% sure that the multi color stripe is the same colorway of Koigu (who can keep their shades straight with that numbering system? Not me.)
So there you go. I didn't advertise this project much because it seemed silly in my head to be knitting something all over again, but I loved that scarf so much and it had such good memories attached to it. Chevron 2 got to go to Indy this weekend,(me with the soon-to-be-bride and if you look close, Chevron 2)
so it starts its new life of travel along with me. Hopefully, I can hang on to this one.


  1. Yeath, they looks alike except a slight difference in the color. you haven't found your first scarf now? What a pity! While in my opinion the second is also nice. it will make you remind of something.~~

  2. I like the update version. very pretty! nice work. looking pretty bad ass in the photo-hahaha.