Saturday, October 18, 2008

winner of weirdest LYS

While in New Buffalo last week, I managed to locate a Local Yarn Store mere blocks from where we were staying. On Sunday, we made our way over to take a peek. 
Now, before I say anything, I'll say that everyone in this "store" was really. really. nice and friendly. 
I suggest you check it out if you're ever there for the sheer gawk factor. I regret not taking photos. 
See, the website looks normal. Check it out here. Flash and everything!
But, then you walk in the door and you are clearly in someone's house. Not like, oh maybe they live upstairs, but no, you are in their living room. And it's FULL of people! Yarn hung all over the walls. A TV, side tables, with magazines (like a house, not a waiting room). I walked back into what I think was the eat in kitchen to see an espresso machine on the same counter as Ella Rae yarn. There were cubbies around with yarn in them, and the table in the middle of the room was covered in yarn with a half eaten hamburger and fries on it. 
The owner, I would presume, offered us a latte and told us they were having a sale and I think I was so disoriented I may have just stared at him. Oops. 
I'm sure, if I hadn't been still recovering from the night before, perhaps this wouldn't have seemed so odd. I think it was the hamburger on the table that really threw me off. 

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