Sunday, October 26, 2008

i love my couch

Whew. I'm back on the couch.
48 hours in NH. It was awesome, I love my family, but I do wish it didn't take a plane to see them for a day, a meal, a celebration (Grandpa just turned 80, hence the trip) etc.
Plane rides do mean good knitting time, so I've wrapped up some long lingering projects.
The Spring Forward socks were stitched up on the flight home today.
(This is a recycled picture, I admit).
I also finished the labor of love novelty yarn scarf for my aunt in time to see her this weekend.
I nearly went blind with it. The good news is that my aunt loved it and really. When it comes to her, that's what matters.
(This is recycled too. Clearly, I suck)

We have one more trip coming up in two weeks for a friends wedding Tampa. After that, I won't be on a plane or in a car for longer then an hour until Christmas. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

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  1. Your work is beautiful. I love the colors you've chosen. The yarn seems so nice. I tried knitting and I finally gave up as mine is more knotting. Maybe I'll try again someday.