Tuesday, February 19, 2008

have you seen me?

I'm about to put it on a milk carton.. (do they still do that, I wonder??).

I can't seem to locate my chevron scarf anywhere and I love love love this scarf so much! I fear I'm just going to have to knit another one... I do have jitterbug in colorways that would work, but I am so sad to have this one missing!!!

On other topics, we made it back and forth to NH just fine. Tonight, I plan to kick back, pack a box or two and drink a beer. And not talk about the "w".
I'm w-worded out right now. whew!


  1. oh no! very sorry to hear about the scarf! i would be so sad if one of my handknits disappeared!

    definitely stay tuned to the Ravelry boards for the next Namaste Knitters meetup. it would be great to meet you at the next one!

  2. That's so sad that it's missing. Definitely knit another one. And then when you're done with the 2nd one? The 1st will magically appear probably. :)