Monday, February 11, 2008

don't worry, I have SOCKS!

Who needs valium when a beer, socialization and some socks can make it all better?
This weekend was busy, but with a good dose fun mixed in. The Tall Guy and I spent time with both sides of our friends (Okay, yes our friends are blending, but there's still "his" friends and "my" friends, you know how it goes), time with each other AND got a bunch checked off on our "to do" lists. On Saturday afternoon, the Tall Guy and Annie went on a grand adventure mountain biking with Rob. Everyone came back tired, happy and in one piece. This time, while slated for errands and house cleaning, managed to also be knitting time for me. Yay!
I finished the basic socks I had been working on and they've already been worn. My camera and I are not in the same place, so pics will wait til tomorrow. In the mental state I have continued to be in, I cast on for another pair of socks right away.
I know... I have baby gifts to finish. I know... I have a scarf for my aunt to finish. Oh well. Right now, socks are what makes my little brain calm and happy, and as the Tall Guy watched me work away, he said "knit.the.socks."
Really, what else needs to be said?

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