Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuesday, but its a Thursday in my head!

yay for that! The Tall Guy and I head to NH for the long weekend on Thursday... it should be an adventure! We're driving, with Annie and it will be our longest road trip together to date. We'll be doing wedding-y stuff, but also getting to see friends, hang out with all our parents (Mr and Mrs Tall Guy are coming in too!) and it should be a great time or, at least really funny and entertaining.

Before I space out and forget, here are the socks I finished... they are some comfy! I can see why people are obsessed with Socks that Rock. I'm pretty sure they took me about 2 minutes to knit. maybe 3. I'm pretty down with Magic Loop (or ML) too. For the Muggles out there, ML just means I have reallllllllly long cord on my two needles so I don't have to use all the little pointy sticks. Its just a different technique and it seems to be "faster" for me.
And on the needles now... Another ML sock, this time using a pattern called hmmm... what's it called? I have no idea. Carolina Queen of Naples maybe? I'll have to get back to you on it, because I've already memorized the stitch pattern, its evading me now. For sock knitters out there, its similar to a Jaywalker, but with a yarn over instead of a m1 and a k3tog instead of a ssk/psso.

The Tall Guy keeps looking at these ones and laughing at the colour. I'm kind of in love with them, so I don't care, but they are bright...which is just what I wanted!

Yarn: Storm Moonknits sock, "Pretty in Pink" You can find it here. She's a local indie dyer, who I got to meet at Stitches this year.
The top photo is the best colour representation.

And that's about it for now... back to work, its totally nuts today!

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