Friday, January 18, 2008

Novelty yarn? Yikes!

There's nothing better then the days you manage to not have to go to work, but still work from the local cafe with wireless. Technically, today is my "normal" day off, but I was struck down with the FLU (yes all caps) earlier this week, which rendered me useless for about two and a half days. So, today was a half-work day from Panera.
I'm finally getting back into a knitting groove, trying to get more gifts out the door, thinking of upcoming projects and... I just got yarn in the mail for my next sweater. Wicked is DONE, but still a little damp from blocking. Pictures will have to wait until the Tall Guy comes back from a week of sailing in the Keys. (Yeah, I know, I'm more then jealous, don't worry).
Here's the yarn for my next sweater and this is a photo of what I'll be knitting .

My Aunt went to New Orleans prior to Christmas, wandered into an LYS there to see what was there and brought back yarn she desperately wanted me to make into a scarf. This is the aunt that does so much for me, and I love so much, I can't say no to. But, just look at this yarn. Its a train wreck of novelty yarn to the 10th degree. Nice, novelty yarn, but still. That kind where you can't see a stitch, can't figure out what will best suit the yarn (I'm doing mostly garter with a drop stitch row every ten rows or so) This is what I call love.

As I've mentioned, my future sister-in-law is expecting a little one in March. I've been playing around with some ideas and knit this little guy up in about two hours while languishing on the couch earlier this week. I love it, the Tall Guy loved it, but I'm just not sure its their may be a little goth for this part of my future-family. I think this means a trip to Stitch DC today for something more baby-like and softer colours...hmm.

Annie says "Why are you taking pictures of knitting, when you should be taking me for a walk?"

Note: that's not trash behind her, its one of about 10 bags of clothing that's going to charity. Apparently, it was time to get rid of clothing I'd owned since high school!

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