Sunday, January 20, 2008

brrr baby its cold outside!

I am positive I'm the million and second person to be blogging about how stinkin' cold it is on the East Coast right now. But, it is. Like, I walked Annie tonight for about a mile and my eyeballs were icy cold. Weird. I decided after fighting the flu and dropping the Tall Guy off at the airport on Friday that I would come down to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Northern VA for the long weekend to camp out, recover and chill. Annie and the pups here (two minature dachshunds) seemed to have reached a peace treaty and I'm spoiled rotten here with homemade comfort food (I am Italian you know) and wine in front of me as we speak. Add the access to free laundry and its a wonderful respite from the chaos the city has been the past few weeks.
I've been knitting here, but not enough progress to really show anything finished. I'll leave you with pictures of where I would rather be, as I sit here in a turtleneck and hand knit socks. Why didn't I stay in Italy? (and I can't believe that was nearly 3 years ago!)

The view from our villa in Positano...

Self portrait in Capri..

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