Saturday, January 12, 2008

happy birthday blog!

I guess bloggers say Blogiversary. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Either way, I just realized that I've been posting pretty steady now for a year!
Here's a link to my first post, only because I think its funny.
I've already talked about the good things of 2007 and all that fluffy stuff, and say I will keep posting. I love that people read, but a lot of the knitting content is just so I can keep track of what I do.

More pics will be up momentarily! See, as I'll be moving in March (seriously, could I come up with one more thing to make life more hectic right now? Sure, why not!?) I figured there was no sense in having DSL set up when I can just get the Tall Guy to deal with Comcast at the new house. Oh, and the new house, is right across the street from this one, no joke. That means my posting will continue to be sporadic, at times when I get a connection and when I have my camera with me. I'm actually knitting a good amount right now, I swear!
My next set of projects (while in the midst of way too many others)
involves my future sister-in-law's upcoming new baby. The Tall Guy totally spaced on telling me the shower was today (!), so I'll be late in my gift arriving to them. The baby isn't due 'til March, so I think I'm okay.

Off to enjoy way-too-warm-of-weather (about 60) in January....

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