Wednesday, January 9, 2008


It has happened. I got around to ordering a new cell phone today.
Its not the hippest one, but its a phone and it looks like a sturdy little guy. I wanted a sweet fancy one...or the iPhone, but decided that with upcoming events looming, money will be best spent a cake topper or a veil. Yuck! I'd rather a fancy phone, but am trying to be a good future bride:)

And... I have a terrible photo of the knitting I've been doing this week. Its fetching, from Knitty and a super quick but entertaining knit... I'm using the alpaca yarn picked up on our Fall Adventure and I may get a hat or another pair of fetching (for a friend, perhaps?) out of the skein. Its a little less dense then the pattern calls for, but its working just fine. Also, for those who know the pattern, I did lengthen it on purpose... I liked the cables so much, I just kept going!


  1. I was wondering if those will keep you hand warm but still let you read while you wait for the train? That's one of my biggest problems in the winter. ~ Mkick

  2. Also, I think my sister has that phone. ~ Mkick

  3. I'm just surprised it took you this long to get a new phone...oh and I dropped my iPod yesterday, however, since I am not you, it is working just fine. ~PJ