Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Babies are fun!

No no no. Not for ME! But, to knit for? Yes. Here's the thing about little rugrats. They're small! So, that means knitted items are finished in a flash. That reminds me, Ms. Lily. Kids "one day" doesn't mean, 10 months from now. Its sort of like the idea of "when I retire" or "when I'm rich". Don't panic.
Anyway, this is going to my future niece...that's funny. Its future in both ways...both not born yet AND I'm not "in" the family yet. Anyway, I bought this yarn Monday afternoon, cast on Monday evening and finished last night. Its the umbilical cord hat from the first Stitch and Bitch, but I think it looks more like a little sprout.

Knit on size 6 addis, using Lion Nature's Choice Organic Cotton. Its super soft and 100% cotton. Sweet.

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  1. i am totally stoked and honoured that i was addressed personally in this blog!
    thanks for the shout!