Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No place like home...

Every four years, my home state gets far more press then it normally does. People suddenly starting drop names like Concord, Manchester and Portsmouth in a manner like they may actually know where New Hampshire is on a map! So, as the primary season kicks off, I can say "Yay New Hampshire!". My dad feels otherwise. As a registered independent, he has been complaining for weeks of the multiple phone calls he's been receiving daily from all the candidates. Poor Dad decided yesterday that he was going to go through and figure out who hadn't called the house at least once and vote for them! I would think he was exaggerating, but while I was home at Christmas, I had my share of answering the phone. In general, Hillary's people were by far the most aggressive and obnoxious. That bummed me out! Until those phone calls from her campaign workers, she was my favorite. I can't say I cared for her staff's etiquette on the telephone, however.

So, all that said, don't forget to vote and I'll show you knitting soon!

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