Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Giving Thanks...

Every year I pretend to make a resolution and then promptly throw it out the window. It's just what I do. Last year, was going to be more of the same and I had forgotten about it all together until Monday night. As the Tall Guy (do you really think I'm going to start using his name right yet? Nahhh, its part of the fun!) and I strolled with some friends to a New Years Eve party, we had a brief conversation about resolutions for the upcoming year. He asked if I had kept last years... I paused and thought and thought. "Well..." I said slowly. "I think I did!"

In retrospect I remember pausing in the middle of a fairly chaotic party last year at a good friends house, thinking "This year. I will take better care of myself, strive to be happier and remove things from my life that don't contribute to my health, happiness or general well being". And. What do you know.

    (Photo from the party last year..)

  • I said goodbye to some demons, some real-life ones and some just, in-my-head ones. The real-life ones were easier to let go of then I thought they would, which was surprising, but nice.

  • I traveled a bunch, saw my HLP lots this year, which was freaking awesome

  • I worked for the Yoga Studio and then quit the Yoga Studio when I realized I couldn't fix everything. Its hard for me to admit when I can't fix it all... (that's the control freak)

  • My family had a pretty good year. No losses, no setbacks. This is really good for us...

  • Little sister started college; marking my 10 year anniversary of doing the same. I like to think I handled it with dignity and grace (yeah, right).

  • I put more effort into my love of knitting (yay for Socks that Rock for Christmas!)

  • I got a dog, whom we adopted, who truly needed a home. Sure, she's a lot of work, but until you have a dog that you are helping to have a better life asleep on your feet, you really can't tell me you don't want a dog and really know it.

  • Obviously, I caused hell to freeze over, if but for a minute by getting engaged. I'll just say, when you know it, you know it. I'm so excited to not necessarily know where my life is going, but knowing that I have a co-pilot for the ride has me grinning from ear to ear.

So, this year, 2008 is going to have to have some big things in it order to beat 2007... that said, I say bring it on, I'm ready!


  1.'re so sweet and I'm glad you're so happy. I'm sure you would be and you guys deserve all the best. So much to say, but hard to show the excitement in this comment - I bet it's 10 times harder for you. Kisses, hugs, and smiles are a good start - I'm sure you've had and will have lots. Congrats again!

  2. Trust me, the day you get to marry your best friend and celebrate with all of your family and friends, 2008 will put 2007 to shame. In a good way. Enjoy all of the chaos of planning and talking, and all of your friends bugging you and asking a million all adds to the specialness of your wedding day. Congratulations to you, and "the tall guy" (whoever that myserious man is! ha ha)

  3. Congrats on your engagement! Maybe we can finally meet up this year!