Friday, July 4, 2008

greetings from the motherland!

ha ha. okay. apparently, New Hampshire air makes me a little loopy.
What's not to love really, when you're home, take a stroll (alright 2 miles each way) downtown for a beer on an outdoor deck on the water and stroll back?
Before we get too far away from the Michigan trip of two weeks ago, I wanted to show you one of my yarn acquisitions purchased at Artisan Knitworks.
This lovely fiber is Urban GypZ
Fiber: Superwash Sock Merino
Colorway: Oi Vey!
Yardage: 550-560 Yards!!!!!!

Needless to say with that much yarn, I'm tempted to make knee socks... or a cute baby sweater or something. Any suggestions would be welcome!
Back to NH time, but I'll report more when the Tall Guy and I return to DC. I won't be traveling again until the beginning of August. Yay!

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