Wednesday, July 9, 2008

raining, summer of socks and a hat

It's raining cats and dogs right now...normally this wouldn't be too bad, but quite randomly the other day, our management company dug up our backyard to lay some pvc piping to attach to the gutter. So, this now means our entire yard, much to my dismay is a mud puddle. Annie keeps tramping through it, so this is a messy situation.
So, yeah. I have about three or so unfinished socks right now but instead of finishing any of them, I cast on a new one Monday. The "thing" to do this summer is Summer of Socks which is basically a big group knit along to just knit socks this summer and set your own goals. This is the Spring Forward pattern from summer knitty and I'm using Scout's June yarn.
So Far. So Good. I'm into the second pattern repeat and have no idea who will end up with these socks. The colors are good, but I'm not quite sure they're "me". And. Yes. It is July, but yes, I am knitting a hat. The Tall Guy is heading to Chicago next week for a long-ass regatta that involves overnight sailing to Mackinac Island. (cool part is that I can track them on gps). He very sweetly requested a "warmer" hat. Given that , amongst other things, he's my number one fan for all things fiber related, how could I say no?? So, I dug around and found the kool haus pattern from Interweave. While this photo shows a girl, it is easily translated into a boy pattern.
I cast on for it today with a bulky olivey green Karabella (I heart the Karabella) and hope it will all be knit and blocked prior to his Thursday departure.
This photo sucks, but I'll post something better when I'm not just on the set up rounds.
Needless to say, my "wedding shawl" is stalled. To be honest, I know I should be, but I'm just not feeling it right now. Perhaps, it will instead be a my wedding-guest shawl. We'll see.


  1. Ohhh! I love Macinac Island!!! Something about the whole "no cars" thing is just so lovely!

    I'm sure Tall Guy will appreciate the hat! Those socks look so pretty! I'm doing summer of socks too, but have yet to finish a pair ;-)

  2. You guys are too cute :)

  3. That hat looks sure it will keep me extra toasty on my trip up the lake. You can all follow the race online here:

    To find the race tracker, which is down until the race actually starts, just click multimedia-> race tracking.

    Im racing on my dad's boat, Dirty Harry, its a J 105.