Sunday, July 13, 2008

sunday blues

Sunday evenings are the worst! I always feel a bit grouchy about my inevitable return to the office, (which I don't hate, but isn't my house, or the beach or a nice get the idea) on Monday. It probably doesn't help that up until 15 minutes ago I was also still hung over. Not normal for me anymore, but when you have rockstars staying with you, you have to act like a rockstar! Ha ha.
As expected, last night was lots of fun, with my friends playing an early set, then a whole bunch of us (THANK YOU to all my DC peeps for coming out and supporting an indie band!!) wandering over to a newish place called BreadSoda.
In terms of the Motion Sick, not only are Mike, Matt, Travis and Patrick great guys who also love dogs (I checked their bags as they left our house this morning, ensuring Annie wasn't with them), but they are also a fantastic band. If you have a moment and care to, please check this link out. They're in a contest to open for Coldplay (who I'm not so keen on, I won't lie) and their video (which is pretty fun too) is the SIXTH one down. It has a car in the screen. You can watch them all and vote accordingly, but I'll just encourage you to just vote for my buddies *wink* wink*. Thanks!

I'm continuing to knit furiously away on the koolhaus hat for the Tall Guy. I figure I should try to have it done by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest, and hope it's done blocking for his departure on Thursday. The problem with this hat is twofold. I'm knitting chunky yarn on size 8 needles AND I'm not ever doing a "normal" knit stitch, as the entire pattern is written with twisted knit stitches aka: the dreaded Ktbl. Non knitters, sorry for the tech-talk, but I'm wondering, if I ever knit this again, what do you knitters think? Do you think the hat would be that different if I just knit instead of ktbl? I'm thinking it wouldn't be as tight, but curious on thoughts and experiences.
Alright, off to prepare for the week and try to knit one more round before bed.

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