Wednesday, July 23, 2008

tattoo op ed

Given the article I shared the other day, I thought this was an interesting contrast. What amazes me about so much of our society is how much people get riled up by things that do not directly impact them. Why does Richard Cohen care about tattoos? Aren't there bigger issues out there right now to devote an entire op-ed to? Just wondering.
The ink on any one person's body is only as permanent as they are. That's my opinion.


  1. I just don't understand why this is being rehashed. I thought tattoos were more of a norm now.

  2. Can you say "overboard"?? Tattoos...national debt...come on now. I wonder how long it will take him before he realizes his "brilliant" piece of work was actually foolish, far fetched, and blown completely out of proportion.

    I've got way too many thoughts on tattoos to discuss them in a comment to your blog...I've been contemplating one for probably 10 years now. Lame, I know.