Monday, July 21, 2008


For such a chill weekend, I'm really having trouble getting my motor running this morning. I have a theory that when you actually relax for more then 2 consecutive hours, it's actually a lot harder to get moving again.
It was a weekend for hanging out, seeing various friends and getting some knitting done.
I finished one pair of socks (which I'll have a photo for later) and am working away on the Spring Forward socks. While a lot of people's goal with Summer of Socks (SOS) is to simply knit a bunch of socks, mine was mainly finished all my languishing second sock syndrome orphans. So far, I've finished two, so I'm looking pretty good.
I also had Afghani food for the first time last night with Jessie. Besides the A/C not working, it was a great dinner and I think I've found a new tasty place here.

In other news, I just got a phone call from the Tall Guy, which was very unexpected (he's in the middle of this race right now on the Dirty Harry). The "girl" in me immediately panicked that something was wrong. Nope. He just wanted me to look at where the boat was in relation to the competition at the moment. He has about 85 NM to go and I'll be a much happier girl when I get the call from Mackinac that he's on shore in one piece.

And, in random thoughts, I just read this article on CNN. Any thoughts? For as casual as I may be appear, only one of my tattoos ever peeks out at work (the one on my foot.). There's no tatto policy here, but I've always thought that I don't want to be thought of as the girl with "xyz tattoo" at work. Just my two cents.

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