Tuesday, July 22, 2008

safe landing and socks

First, if I haven't already talked to you, the Tall Guy made it to Mackinac Island in one piece. Whew! I wasn't that worried, but just enough to throw off my sleep for a few nights.
Like I had mentioned in the last post, I've pretty much been all about the socks. Portable, mindless, and really, if they don't fit me, they become a gift for someone else. It's win win. It is, I realize making the blog boring. I'm sorry! I'll work to become more exciting soon.
Here are the finished socks I promised to show you
Yarn: Yarn Love, Elizabeth Bennett, in the Darling Colorway (Merino, Bamboo and Silk). Its super soft, a bit splitty but reallllllly nice to knit with.
Needle: Size One, circ
Basic sock pattern, used the short row heel from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts (this is a great book!)
Notes: Not sure how the yarn will hold up, but it sure is soft. No nylon, not super wash, so while I considered gifting these, I'll likely keep them due to their maintenance. I'm still not-so-good at the short row heel, but I'm gettin' better!

I'll probably have another plain ol' sock on the needles tomorrow...possibly using some of the stash enhancement that is coming in the mail... yahoo!

Annie was depressed yesterday. Between the Tall Guy being out of town, and one of my best girls, Yve being here this weekend and then leaving, she sat like this for quite awhile. What a drama queen.

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