Sunday, June 29, 2008

adventures, aquisitions and exhaustion

I never thought it would come to the day when I looked forward to, and enjoyed a Sunday morning that involved being up and awake before 10am and laundry. The Tall Guy and Annie are off on a bike adventure, so the house is full of nice sunlight and is so quiet! Anyway...
Yesterday was a superfun day from start to finish. Crafty Bastards had its first Silver Spring fair here so, Jessie came up with an old friend of hers and we walked over to check it out.
Amongst the highlights and purchases of the day included this t-shirt (which I just realized I paid 5$ less for at the fair then it is on the website...sweet!), some awesome coasters (Christmas presents, I think so I'm not sharing!), this yarn from woolarina
: Its a new base for her, I think, and is merino, bamboo and nylon. Sweet!And, at the last table we hit in the circuit had these funny bags sitting on them. I didn't get it at first... but, its a yarn ball holder that you can still take the yarn out of if you want to!!! How cool! The creator doesn't seem to have a website, but she's oldballandskein on Ravelry.

Here's a shot of the inside. Ingenious!
After CB, Jessie hung out and we got to just sit around and knit for a few hours before her sweetie and few others made their way over. We cooked out, drank plenty of beer, played MarioKart and had an all round good time.

Scout's Sock Club's shipment came in this week as well! This month is called "Stocker Pond", which sounds funny, but the back story is that the color was inspired by a Pond in NH. Pretty sweet, huh?! :) I'm still mulling a pattern, and I like this offering a lot more then the last one.

Last but not least... I've started working on the big jaywalkers again. When I was in California, I had Erica try the first one on, to ensure it would fit before I did the second one. It fit just right, which is pretty awesome and I'll be turning the heel today. I want to have it done before I see her in August and that shouldn't be an issue at all!

Okay, back to folding laundry. Its hot and muggy out and I need to start packing for NH (we leave Wednesday morning)... Happy Sunday!

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  1. I love that project bag. :) I also really adore that Scout's Swag sock yarn. Yummy colors.