Monday, June 16, 2008

packages are the best!

I was having a rough day last Friday and fell into a bit of retail therapy. The package came today. I looove the Loopy Ewe andI love Shibuknits Yarn. Great color, great twist, great stitch definition.

And.... Yup! I got a Namaste bag (a purse that's also fantastic for knitting projects)

It's RI-DIC-U-LOUSLY hot pink.
The Tall Guy just about fell over when I showed it to him. I'm not sure if he was impressed, shocked or if the purse burned his retinas. Anyway you dice it, it's clear you need fellow knitters to appreciate a Namaste Malibu purse. Personally, you can make fun of me for my hot pink purse, but I think its the cat's pajamas.
I've been between a few socks recently. This one has lain dormant for a few weeks, but I picked it back up this weekend. I turned the heel and its a pretty interesting construction. I mentioned
this one here, but the heel is done with an increase on the sides (using magic loop), the back of the heel done in pattern and then the decrease on the heel is equal to the increase you did on the sides in the end (does that make sense?) It actually fits pretty well too.

I'll leave you with a funny photo for the day as well. I tell you all what a weird dog I have all the time, and perhaps you think I'm just joking or doing that thing where a person always thinks their animal or child is really special/smart etc. Well.

I was cleaning out the kitchen and found a spud that had overstayed its welcome in our house. Annie came in to inspect my work, I showed the potato in my hand to her and she promptly took it from me like I had just handed her a treat.
Until the mess got to be a bit much, Annie tossed the potato around the living room like it was the best doggie treat I had ever given her. An easily amused only child. Just like her mom.


  1. nice bag! Also, inspired by you, I'm going to start off my Summer of Socks with that pattern (downloaded it yesterday). I've got to try some of that sock yarn.

  2. The picture doesn't do the bag justice. It's really a shocking pink.

  3. I like the bag!! You know how I am though. Retail therapy is helpful, sometimes it just feels good.

    Love the annie picture, up to mischief as usual. ha ha

    Love you/miss you